Bucky’s Special Spice

Bucky's Special Spice

Bucky’s Special Spice :

Truly a universal spice BUCKY’S SPECIAL SPICE has a savory flavor and a slight Cajun kick that makes this unique spice great on almost everything. It’s amazing on meats, poultry, and seafood and vegetables, eggs, rice and noodles without overpowering the natural flavor. Use it as a table spice to sprinkle on cooked potatoes, popcorn, sliced tomatoes and other ready-to-eat foods. Did someone say “barbecue”? The smoky flavor of the grill blends perfectly with the spice to enhance your meal. You will discover new ways to use it all the time. The possibilities are infinite.

  • healthier than many other spices
  • Less than 20% salt and no MSG, lowering your sodium intake
  • Absolutely no chemicals or preservatives
  • Comes in 6.5-ounce container

So go ahead, taste the love without the guilt.

Whether you’re going on vacation or tailgating at the game, one handy container is all you need. In olden times, spice was more valuable than silver or gold. Spices have even been used as currency. Nowadays, BUCKY’S SPECIAL SPICE brings you more value for your currency.  Other spices cost $5 for 3.5-ounce container. We give you 6.5-ounces of pure love for the same $5. Almost twice as much for the same price! You’ll save money and re-order less often with BUCKY’S SPECIAL SPICE.



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